Anastasia was a former assassin sent to dispatch against Taichi and Rin. After the duo spared her life, she decided to join the guild to get more closer to Taichi.


She has greenish - yellow hair with clear blue eyes. She is introduced in a black cloak with a hood, but once she was captured and later released she wore a revealing green dress with blue earrings and cloth "arm covers?"


She is a kind person and loves Tachi.


So far nothing has been shown about her past other than her being an assassin prior to her meeting Taichi and the others.







  • Taichi Nishimura: Anastasia is first introduced as an assassin and Taichi's enemy, she was defeated almost immediately but was spared out of kindness. Later on, after being released from prison, she was re-united with Taichi when he saved her from two men harassing her. She slowly starts showing signs of attraction up to the goblin war. She is then fatally wounded and was implied she was going to ask him out if she survived, she then changed her mind and asked only if they could be friends before passing away.
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