The third light novel volume of Isekai Cheat Magician.


Taichi miraculously repelled the unknown enemies after acquiring the power of a spirit. Thus Remia identifies Taichi's unique magical ability. Taichi returns to town and reencounters the assassin he and Rin apprehended, where she announces her new affiliation with the guild and start investigating the inners of Azpire.

Before long, information about monsters nearing the town approach. Myura suddenly gets kidnapped leaving Rin to the rescue. A new threat starts lurking amidst the town, can Taichi, Rin and Myura overcome the crisis!?


  • Prologue

Arc 5: Beneath the Everyday LifeEdit

  • Chapter 13: Meetings and Everyday Life
  • Chapter 14: Devising
  • Chapter 15: Beneath the Everyday Life (Part 1)
  • Chapter 16: Warning Bell
  • Chapter 17: Beneath the Everyday Life (Part 2)

Arc 6: Defence of AzpireEdit

  • Chapter 18: The Master, Joins
  • Chapter 19: Tactical-Class Spell
  • Chapter 20: The Sorcerer Remia in Battle
  • Chapter 21: The Crimson Monster
  • Chapter 22: Taichi Nishimura
  • Chapter 23: Farewell


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