The fourth light novel volume of Isekai Cheat Magician.


The monstrous invasion against Azpire is finally over after Tacihi embraces his Unique Magician powers and fended off the Dragon. The crisis overcome with heavy sacrifices, Taichi and Rin resume their adventurer days, until they were summoned to the Royal Capital of Wennifix. Upon arrival, the two about the kingdom's civil war instated by the Duke's rebellion against the king's ideals. Furthermore, the two learn the kingdom's princess was responsible for their being summoned to this world. In a new conflict between humans and Taichi being targeted, what awaits the Cheat Magicians!?


Arc 7: Royal Capital WennifixEdit

  • Chapter 25: To the Capital
  • Chapter 26: Princess Charlotte
  • Chapter 27: Audience
  • Chapter 28: Stroll in the Capital

Arc 8: ConflictEdit

  • Chapter 29: Capital Defense
  • Chapter 30: Turning Point
  • Appendix: The Decisive Night Before...


Novel IllustrationsEdit

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