The eleventh light novel volume of Isekai Cheat Magician.


Upon learning the shocking revelation from the Dark Spirit, Shade, Taichi decides to contract with the other elementals. In the occasion, Sylphy and Mi received "an SOS from the Water Spirit, Undine", and leads the group north to the Holy Scatolith Empire. After settling in a renthouse, they immediately head to where they hear a tremendous roar where Taichi witnesses a violent scene of colliding magic from a three-headed dragon and a large serpentine-like dragon. Taichi reports to Emperor Irousia, whom she requests to neutralize the situation.


Arc 21: Wish from the Northern SeaEdit

  • Chapter 67: The Snowy Country
  • Chapter 68: Curse from the North
  • Chapter 69: Material Exploration

Arc 22: Undine's SealEdit

  • Chapter 70: Undersea Temple
  • Chapter 71: Challenge ~Undine's Trial~
  • Chapter 72: Unsealing and Contract


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