Rin Azuma (吾妻 凛) is the female protagonist in the series. She decides to become an adventurer with her childhood friend Taichi whom she has long been harbouring a crush on him.

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Upon her being summoned, Rin is somehow gifted with immense magic power and possessing the affinity of the four major magical elements: fire, wind, earth, and water. She excels at casting multiple magic spells at once as well as applying common knowledge that she learned in school.

  • Fire Magic:
    • Flame Lance:
    • Fireball:
    • Fire Arrow:
  • Wind Magic:
    • Thunder: Offensive Lightning magic
    • Sword of the Lightning God: A Sword Made Out Of Pure Electricity
    • Railgun:A Beam Of Lightning
    • Aero Armor: A wind wall Defense magic
    • Air Hammer:
    • Dust Whirlwind (砂塵旋風)
  • Earth Magic:
    • Stone Bullet:
  • Water Magic:
    • Water Crusher:
    • Freezing Ice: [3]

Weapons & Equipment Edit

  • Wooden Staff:
  • Lightning Sword (when using wind attribute)

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